Types Of Roll Up Garage Doors

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    Types Of Roll Up Garage Doors

    Whether or not you’re choosing a garage door for a garage or commercial space, functionality is a crucial factor.

    You’d want a garage door that works as intended and lasts a long time.

    With this consideration in mind, why not choose a roll up garage door?

    There are different types of roll up garage doors that will fit your needs.

    After choosing a garage door of your choice, reliable technicians should take care of the garage door installation.

    Investing in good installation services can contribute to the garage door’s durability.

    It doesn’t matter if you choose the best models, if the installation isn’t secure and stable; the door is prone to more damages faster.

    This is where we come in.

    Here at GDR Los Angeles, you have the best and most experienced installers to entrust your garage door too.

    You choose a roll up garage door of your choice.

    We install it with the highest quality of workmanship.

    That way, you win with a new door addition that will surely last despite multiple uses.

    What is a roll up garage door?

    A roll up garage door works in function as its name.

    This garage door has flexible material that rolls up on the top.

    When you open the garage door, the sheet rolls around a drum placed on top of the door frame.

    In contrast to other types of garage doors, the roll up garage doors provides unique benefits.

    First, you have a space-saving garage door that only needs to roll up to open up the garage.

    While others need to have a designated headroom space, the roll up garage door only needs less.

    Second, you have efficient doors that you can set into a fast or slow rolling pace.

    You can control a roll up garage door via automation.

    Roll up garage door types

    Roll up doors are one of the most common doors for any kind of setting.

    There are many models of roll up garage doors.

    If you’re looking to choose the best, you won‘t run out of models to look at.

    There are different types of roll up garage doors that work best with specific locations.

    Rolling doors

    Rolling doors have linked metal slats to make the rolling mechanism of the door work.

    A rolling door is not made of one large sheet of material.

    Instead, you have reinforced planks that have composite connections to make one strong door.

    This kind of roll up garage door is more common in commercial settings.

    Warehouses and factories benefit from the high security and flexibility that rolling doors provide.

    Roll up sheet doors

    Roll up sheet doors, on the other hand, have one large material sheet that rolls up when you open or close.

    The corrugated design of the sheet guarantees that when the door rolls up, the sheet rolls in place and doesn’t get damaged from the function.

    Roll up sheet doors work best in residential applications.

    If you have a garage that doesn’t have enough headroom to hold a track for other kinds of garage doors, roll up sheet doors are the solutions.

    Rolling doors and roll up sheet doors only differ in the arrangement of the material.

    Whereas you have one strong layer for the sheet door, the rolling doors have strongly connected slats or horizontal pieces.

    Either way, both types of roll up garage doors still provide the features that make for a beneficial garage door.

    Garage door materials

    You’re not only stuck with steel material for a roll up garage door.

    Many manufacturers produce these kinds of doors using aluminum and treated wood like timber.

    Steel is one of the most popular material choices because it is affordable, yet it provides a lot of security to space.

    For your roll up door installations, we are available!

    Have you already decided on a new roll up garage door installation?

    After choosing the door that fits your garage or business establishment, the hard work comes next.

    You’ll need a team that can help you set up the door properly.

    Due to its mechanism and nature, you need to have a garage door system that is stable and fit.

    You wouldn’t want the roll up door to roll out of place or become uneven over time.

    GDR Los Angeles offers installation services.

    We can put up residential roll up doors and commercial roll up garage doors at any time.

    We have installed many roll up garage doors and our experience can guarantee that you will have a 100% working roll-up.

    Book us for your next appointment.

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