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    Installation of a garage door gives an additional role in your home’s safety and security. It’s one of the primary ways in which you can enter and access your home in Los Angeles, providing shelter and protection from all sorts of weather conditions and unwanted intruders.

    A garage door has a lot of parts, but any of those parts become worn or stop working properly, it can affect your garage door and cause damage or sudden breakdown.

    Garage doors are balanced with spring systems for easy operation. All springs, cables, drums, and bottom fixtures are under very high tension. The worn-out and rusted parts of the garage door makes removal and more dangerous than installing a new one.

    Looking for garage door installation and replacement repair services? GDR Los Angeles Garage Doors provides qualified technicians to install and replace your old and broken garage door.

    Signs that Your Garage Door Needs Replacement

    Garage doors problems can cause immediate and inconvenient changes to your daily routines. In some cases, broken garage doors can pose safety hazards for you and your family, especially when the affected issue is the controlled operation of the door as it opens and closes manually or automatically.

    Here are the common causes of garage door to look for:

    • Broken Cables – become damaged after many close – open cycles. They can also become fragile when they age, and that may cause them to break.
    • Worn Rollers – if the rollers become rusty, the door will not open easily and become stuck or it can move in a bumpy motion.
    • Broken springs – a full pressure that holds on the spring over time may cause your garage door spring break and the door won’t work properly.
    • Misaligned Track – due to loose, damaged hardware or force that causes the panels to get damage.

    Why Choose GDR Los Angeles Garage Doors

    GDR Los Angeles Garage Doors has more than 12 years of experience in providing quality garage door repair service. We install and replace the commercial garage door on retail and office buildings, warehouses, and other properties with highly specific needs.

    We understand that the garage door is one of the essential parts of your home.  It is essential as the frontline defense against extreme weather conditions as well as against intruders.

    If you need a new garage door installed or have a malfunctioning garage door that needs to be repaired, you can trust us and we will give you a very competitive estimate for our quality service.

    Garage Door Parts We Install and Replace

    If you’re experiencing issues with your garage door, you may be wondering if it’s time for a replacement. If one of the following problems occurs, you need to hire a garage door repair service to fix the problem.

    GDR Los Angeles Garage Doors offer a wide variety of replacement selections:

    24-hour Garage Door Repair Service

    GDR Los Angeles has a team of highly trained garage door repair professionals that are available any time of the day to help you with emergencies involving your doors. We provide our garage door services to both residential and commercial buildings.

    In case your garage door suddenly malfunctions in the middle of the night, we can start efficiently solving your problem right at that moment. Our technicians will come and inspect the door to determine the damaged parts.

    We accommodate every client wherever and wherever you are. GDR will send you the best technicians that have the skills to help you with your specific overhead and garage door problems.

    Call us now and we shall provide a repair service that will leave you satisfied.

    Emergency Repair Services

    GDR Los Angeles Garage Doors services provide regular maintenance, garage door repair services, and garage door installations in the Los Angeles area. Our professional technicians can help with any problem you are experiencing with your garage doors.

    Our installation crew will arrive on time, fully equipped with all the essential parts and tools to get the job done according to schedule. We are available 24/7 to handle all your garage door needs. Our 24-hour emergency garage door service comes with quality service at a reasonable price

    Call GDR Los Angeles today to schedule an appointment.

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