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    Alexandra Russell

    Great service, reasonable pricing. Technician performed maintenance on my garage door and checked the whole unit beyond just what the service call entailed.  He was very professional and very kind.  The door works better and quieter than it has in years!  I’ll definitely use this company again in the future..

    Jessica Holland

    The team arrived on time after calling them because I needed an emergency for garage door repair service when it would not open completely one morning and they performed his work quickly as well, service was fast, and the result is still great!

    Anthony Bray

    Very fast and reliable service. They were able to have someone come out same day, and replace my old lift gate as well as adjust the rails for the door. Clearly explained everything he was doing. My garage lift and door works much better than it did before. Excellent Service!

    Our Services

    GDR Los Angeles offers garage door repairs to only the highest of standards in and close to LA.

    Our engineers have years of experience and knowhow with the latest technology. Rest assured, we know what we’re doing.

    Weather-stripping, garage door openers maintenance, fit capping, door replacement? We do it all and we do it well. All with a comprehensive warranty on all of our parts.


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    Garage Door Repair Los Angeles: Our Engineers Are Seasoned Pros.

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    If your garage door is loose or rattling as it opens/closes, we can fix it.

    Strange Noises?

    Is your garage door loud or making noises it shouldn’t?

    Bent out of shape?

    A garage door’s panels can flex and twist upon opening and closing.

    Overhead door not moving?

    Sometimes a power source that isn’t working correctly can prevent your door from budging.

    Garage door panels and broken or damaged?

    Sometimes a panel can be too damaged to repair. This can be hazardous - don’t wait! We can replace it in no time.

    Garage door not opening or closing properly?

    Your property could be at risk if not addressed. Call us now for your peace of mind.


    Expert Repair Technicians

    We pride ourselves on being the best.
    For you and your wallet!


    Our engineers are constantly trained on evolving technologies in order to provide our customers with the experience. We’re not just pros with garage doors, we’re pros at customer service.


    We know how important it is to get your home working again as normal. Whether it’s a broken cable, opener or something else, we’ll find the issue and fix it - quick.


    We stand by our service and parts. Book a consultation with one of our team members today. They’ll be happy to hear from you.

    Latest News

    Tips and recommendations from our garage repair experts.

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    Broken Garage Door Opener Los Angeles

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    Commercial Garage Door Repair

    Commercial Garage Door Repair

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    Los Angeles’s best garage door experts

    We know how important it is for you to have reliable, professional experts to come to your home. Whether it is commercial or residential, we want our clients to know they’re receiving nothing but the best.

    That’s why our fitters are trained not in just maintenance and repair but also how we can transform the look of your garage, giving your property a new lease of life.

    Call us today and talk with one of our Los Angeles repair and maintenance team that is waiting to take your call.

    Full Garage Door Repair Service

    Maintenance and repair on a front door is never ignored, so garage door maintenance and repair shouldn’t be either. Here at GDR Los Angeles, we know the security of our customers is not in question.

    Small issues that are left unresolved can quickly turn expensive. Don’t ignore typical early signs of wear and tear – call Los Angeles garage door repair and let the experts tackle it. It’s what we do.


    Garage Door Repair in Los Angeles

    The garage door hype has been ongoing for years.

    The market continues to thrive and for good reason.

    There are endless possibilities when it comes to a garage door.

    This also means that garage door installation and repair are plentiful since each door can dare to be different.

    Our services at GDR Tech Los Angeles don’t solely focus on garage door replacement; we focus on all things related to the doors.

    Commercial and residential garage door repair in Los Angeles may be various, but there’s no service like ours.

    There are things you should know before you hop onto the garage door train.

    If you’re looking for a new installation or replacing one in hopes of something new and better, here are things to think about.

    An Investment Worth Diving Into

    Garage doors are probably some of the biggest investments home and business owners can make in a lifetime.

    These doors don’t only open and close for your vehicles; they are vastly used for businesses and storage.

    It may be strange to think about, but there are establishments out there that make use of a garage door as their business entrance.

    This makes their entrance quirky yet greatly functional.

    The price ranges depend on the type of door you are looking for and what specifications you might have.

    There are also future repairs and maintenance to think about before purchasing a brand new model.

    Garage doors can be transformative for residential homes, which is why they are so popular across the country.

    You may have noticed your neighbor’s beautiful wooden door or that the house down the street has a very high-tech one.

    Manufacturers have made strides to meet the needs of homeowners, no matter what type of home they live in.

    Architecture and Aesthetic

    Think about what would work with what you already have.

    If you’re a current homeowner and not building the house around the garage door, which one would match the house’s exterior aesthetic?

    Would you want the garage door to be an extension of what the interior design looks like or do you want it to be a stark contrast?

    Which architectural highlights of the house would you like to bring into focus?

    Ask yourself what would clash with the current look and feel of your home.

    Then, when you figure that out, give us a call.

    Make and Material

    You’ll find all sorts of makes and models out there and we understand that it can be overwhelming.

    One of the most important factors is what the door is made of.

    You need to think about what weather you experience, how long you will live in that home and have that garage as well as what extra features you want to have.

    Wood is actually what the very first garage doors were made of.

    If you’re looking for a rustic and sophisticated material, this one’s for you.

    Keep in mind that wood is great for its customizability and appearance.

    It’s not going to dent like other materials we’re going to mention, but it could rot and will be prone to mold or mildew.

    As a more natural material, it will need looking after so remember to keep a garage door repair in Los Angeles in mind, like GDR Tech Los Angeles.

    Another possibility is steel.

    It’s attractive and definitely requires less maintenance than its wooden counterpart.

    Steel garage doors have a sleek look while being easy to customize.

    They are affordable and can be molded to fit any home style.

    It’s also a great option for more installation since wooden doors don’t have too much to offer.

    Finally, there are also aluminum and glass doors.

    These are perfect for more modern contemporary themed homes.

    The doors are lightweight and very beautiful to look at.

    They can be customized to your liking but it should be noted that these doors can get brittle when exposed to colder weather.

    Other Features to Consider

    There are some things you can customize like windows.

    Other things can already come with your door.

    A great thing to have is an insulated door to keep warmth in and the cold out.

    Insulated doors are also great for maintaining a specific room temperature all year round.

    Look for higher R-values for more efficient insulation.

    You can also invest in fire-rated doors.

    They act as an extra layer of protection for your home.

    In the event of a nearby fire, the garage door will slam shut when high temperatures or smoke is detected to act as a wall.

    Hopefully, these details will help you figure out what you’re looking for in a garage door.

    Garage Door Installation in Los Angeles

    Now that those factors are sorted out, take your time in choosing the perfect one for your home.

    When the time comes for installation or you’re in need of a garage door repair in Los Angeles, GDR Tech Los Angeles is here to help.

    Don’t hesitate to give us a call when you need help with your garage door repair.

    Call a representative as soon as possible!