How to Fix Garage Door Photo Eyes

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    How to Fix Garage Door Photo Eyes

    Garage door openers today have high security features.

    This is specifically due to the photo-eye sensors which work in tandem with both the opener’s auto-reverse features.

    This mechanism’s purpose is to keep the door from closing on individuals, vehicles, and everything else in its direction.

    It is important to have photo eyes installed on your garage door.

    However, it is also necessary to make sure they are operational.

    When a garage door photo eye is faulty, they usually become overly active.

    In this situation, they can detect an obstacle in your garage area even though it is clear.

    This prevents the garage door from closing.

    Therefore, you might be curious to learn how to fix a garage door photo eye if you find your garage door does not function properly.

    These sensors are located on the ground on each side of your garage door.

    They release an unseen beam between them that detects whether or not someone is in the way when it splits the beam.

    When the beam breaks, the door will not lock until the obstruction is removed.

    The photo eye sensors, on the other hand, can sometimes malfunction.

    At GDR Los Angeles we understand that the goods we provide and services must be safe and we are committed to taking your security and protection first.

    Call us now and we’ll upgrade your photo-eyes sensor as one of our garage door services.

    We make sure that your garage door does not endanger you or your family.

    Steps on How To Fix Garage Door Photo Eye

    It’s easy to check whether the photo eyes aren’t working and the garage door won’t lock even though there’s nothing in the path.

    You might also notice that any time you attempt to close the door it reverses and opens.

    Fortunately, resolving this issue isn’t complicated.

    Here are the simple steps on how to fix the garage door photo eyes sensor.

    Inspect If the Photo-Eye Lenses

    Make sure the current issue is with the photo-eye if it’s possible that the door is jammed in the tracks and won’t close.

    If the sensors are giving you trouble, the first thing you can do is clean them.

    Inspect if the photo eye lenses for soil, flies, or spider webs.

    Even minor obstructions will cause the photocell to detect an obstacle and behave as though something is in the path, resulting in a ‘no close’ state.

    Using a gentle, moist cloth, wipe away any dirt, bugs, or webs.

    Wipe some debris you spot on the lenses with a smooth rag.

    In most instances, this would suffice to restore functionality.

    Misaligned Photo Eye Sensor

    If cleaning the sensors does not solve the problem, they will need to be readjusted and realigned.

    A blinking light will appear if it is out of alignment. Keep an eye out to correct the situation.

    Unscrew the nut that holds the sensor in place and then add a length of string to each of them.

    Check if they are at the same level.

    If not move the misaligned photo-eye sensors until they are both aligned and lock the nuts and bolts back in place.

    Wiring Issues

    Examine if it has a wiring issue over the opener mechanism between the photo eye interface and the control head assembly.

    If the wiring becomes affected, it is usually at the photo eyes sensor.

    It’s just a few inches above ground level and can be twisted, removed, or otherwise disrupted more quickly than the motor.

    If you discover faulty wirings call for a professional garage door service.

    However, you can try replacing the damaged wire and check if the indicator lights returns to normal.

    Once the issue has been resolved, test the door opener mechanism and see how it works correctly.

    If the wiring happens to be undamaged, you would almost certainly need new components.

    Such problems are properly left to experts who offer garage door photo eyes repair services.

    Check this video for more details on how to fix your garage door photo eye sensor.


    Most problems are minor, such as photo eyes being pushed out of place or getting dirty over time.

    You’ll discover that you can most likely solve the issue yourself.

    If you are unsure, please contact a specialist to assist you in determining the source of the issue.

    GDR Los Angeles is always ready to help you with any service problems you might have with your garage door photo eye sensor or garage door.

    If your garage door system isn’t working properly, contact one of our experts right away; we’ll be happy to help.

    Call us now!

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