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    Garage Door Repair West Covina

    There is a multitude of reasons to consider replacing an existing garage door.

    You could be revitalizing the property with a plan of selling it soon.

    You may also just want to spice up your home’s appearance and change the garage door design.

    Are you looking for a commercial garage door repair West Covina or a garage door repair in Los Angeles?

    Gdr Tech Los Angeles Garage Doors offer a selection of garage door services such as garage door spring replacement and routine maintenance, among others.

    Not all garage door companies offer the same quality of service to their customers.

    But for those looking for a garage door repair West Covina, we offer some of the best services you could find.

    Book an appointment with us for an assessment of your garage door’s condition.

    Furthermore, to help you, we have made a brief guide to assist our prospective customers in making an informed decision.

    The Cost of a Garage Door Replacement

    Generally, the cost of a garage door replacement is similar to a new installation.

    You might be able to save some money by keeping some old parts such as the rails and opener.

    However, the differences in prices are smaller than you might think.

    A single-size, steel, insulated, and painted garage door will cost anywhere from $625-$940.

    Alternatively, a double-size door with the same specifications will cost anywhere from $980-$1400.

    Single-size garage doors are relatively cheaper than their double-size counterparts.

    Even so, you have to think about what kind of accessibility you want for your garage door.

    It is a good idea to select the door’s size based on how spacious your parking area is.

    A garage door opening that is just eight to ten feet wide will require a single-bay garage door.

    On the other hand, a fifteen to seventeen feet wide opening will require a double-bay garage door.

    This is just a general idea of the price, as it may cost as much as $10,000 depending on other factors such as the technology and safety features included in the garage door.

    Factors to Consider

    When spending for your overhead door, remember that additional windows or custom style paint jobs and trims will cost extra.

    Below is a list of the average prices of certain garage door extras and customizations:

    • Additional windows to a single-size garage door: $150- $320
    • Opting for a wood grain paint: $120-$350
    • Opting for a custom composite trim on the door: $320-$5,50
    • Additional remotes and external keypads: $70-$12
    • Improving the insulation value of the garage door: $200-$430

    Replace or Repair?

    As previously mentioned, there are compelling reasons to consider replacing your existing garage door.

    However, opting to repair your garage door instead of an outright replacement will save you some money.

    The average cost of a garage door repair ranges from $70-$180, depending on the malfunction or problem.

    On the other hand, the average cost of a door service and adjustment is around $70-$120.

    These adjustments or repairs will help prevent future mechanical issues and potentially extend the lifespan of your garage door.

    Picking A Garage Door: Manual or Automatic?

    Most people assume that purchasing a brand-new automatic garage door cost more than a manual one.

    Unfortunately, this is rarely the case.

    The difference between a manual and automatic garage door is whether they have a garage door opener or not.

    It is the garage door opener that automates the garage door opening and closing.

    The cost of an opener is small relative to the price of a garage door itself.

    As such, if you can afford to purchase a new garage door, you can probably buy an opener to automate the door as well.

    Automatic garage doors are not only safe and convenient, but they are also stylish, perfect if you want to upgrade the facade of your home.

    Costs of Garage Door Openers

    The current technology of garage door openers has gone a long way from the models of the past generations.

    Some of the newer models include features such as battery backup systems and automatic reversals.

    New garage door openers usually cost around $150-$600.

    Consider your garage door as an investment, so don’t be afraid to splurge on your opener.

    Making the Decision

    Deciding whether to replace or repair a garage door system requires planning and budgeting.

    Making an impulsive decision may prove to be disadvantageous given the number of factors to consider.

    If you’re unsure, you may consult with us at Gdr Tech Los Angeles Garage Doors.

    We cater to garage door replacements, maintenance, or garage door repair West Covina.

    Contact us now to get a quotation!

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