Garage Door Tune Up

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    Garage Door Tune Up

    As time passes by, garage doors, like everything else in this world, will eventually wear down its components to the point of breaking down.

    This much is expected of a mechanism that goes up and down multiple times a year.

    When it breaks down, it not only brings inconvenience, but it also puts the home’s security at risk.

    Thus, it is necessary to prevent these breakdowns as much as possible.

    But how are we supposed to prevent our garage doors from breaking down?

    The answer is not as hard as you think.


    Overhead doors also need regular tune-ups and maintenance.

    This prevents it from breaking down altogether.

    Proper maintenance and tune-up can find defective parts and components before it completely gives up and to be able to replace them accordingly.

    Maintenance can also prevent these parts from actually breaking down or prolonging its lifespan.

    There are a lot of factors to consider when wanting to do garage door maintenance or tune-up.

    It will need a lot of observation skills, ability, and proper knowledge to completely do a proper tune-up.

    Now that we have established that garage door tune-up is important, let us answer the next big question.

    What exactly are the things you need to know about Garage Door Tune-up?


    One of the things you need to consider is this. How often do you need a tune-up?

    It is well established that proper maintenance must be done regularly to be able to spot the defective parts before it breaks down.

    But what we do not know is how often this must be done.

    Garage door maintenance must be done at least twice a year — preferably every 6 months.

    You can choose to have more than so in a year but this is the recommended minimum.

    Since a garage door is being used almost every day, it is expected that eventually some of the parts will have to wear down.

    Since the lifespan of most components being used in a garage door is counted in years, a scheduled tune-up at least twice a year will be more than enough.

    Following the recommended amount of tune-ups done in a year will assure you that for 6 straight months, you will not be having any problems with your garage doors.

    As most damaged parts will be replaced during this time and then lubricated, your garage gate will more or less be functioning like new again.

    Preventive maintenance will also allow you to save more time and money in the long run.

    Also, it might be possible that your local state has some safety requirements in place to ensure the safety of you and those living in your community making this activity a necessity.

    Performing Garage Door Tune-up

    So what exactly entails a tune-up?

    A tune-up is done by having an inspector check your garage door for possible areas that might break down and have areas repaired before breaking down.

    They will be evaluating all the components of your garage door.

    However, there are a lot of activities that must be done when performing garage door tune-up. Some include, but not limited to, the following:

    • Make sure you have all the tools you need to perform the activity
    • Checking of the condition of the components and parts of the door that might be about to break down (e.g. bolts, rollers, tracks, etc.)
    • Performing the maintenance/ tune-up
    • Applying lubrication on the door’s parts (e.g. rollers, tracks, hinges, chain, etc.)
    • Checking the garage door’s performance after maintenance

    There might be other activities that should be done during maintenance depending on the situation, but those listed above are the most common things done during maintenance.

    Maintenance isn’t just about repairing and fixing stuff, even the little things can be considered as maintenance like simply cleaning your door.

    It may seem simple but it can help a great deal in making sure that your door’s components last longer.

    To most, these activities can be considered costly. But try doing it.

    I assure you, you will eventually reap the benefits of your efforts and will grow to appreciate the effects of simple maintenance on the door.


    Garage tune-up is truly necessary if you own your very own garage door.

    It is something that must not be neglected.

    There is no other way to make sure your garage door will keep functioning well but doing preventive maintenance.

    It might not be appreciated immediately by most individuals, but it doesn’t mean that there aren’t any benefits of doing this.

    If having your doors maintained every six months is too much to ask, then try having it at least once a year.

    Doing this is better than no maintenance at all.

    Remember, all things wear down eventually.

    Do you really want to wait for an accident to happen rather than preventing the accident and the total breakdown of your garage door altogether?

    If you cannot afford to have it maintained by a professional, you can do the tune-up by yourself.

    We advise to start with the simple things.

    Take good care of your door and it will take good care of you as well.

    Neglecting the importance and value of performing maintenance on your garage doors will eventually be something you will come to regret.

    Start now if you still haven’t. It is always better to be late than to be sorry.

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