Garage Door Making Noise

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    Garage Door Making Noise

    Is your overhead garage door making loud noises whenever you try to open or close it?

    Are you having trouble finding what might be causing this? Then stay tuned. We might have just exactly what you need.

    When your garage doors become faulty or are having problems, sometimes it creates loud noises.

    These noises can be inconvenient both for you and those around you.

    For some garage doors, noise might be normal like for example garage doors using a chain type opener but when it’s louder than usual, then could mean that there is something wrong with your door.

    Knowing why your garage doors are making these noises can help you find a good fix for the problem.

    If you know what’s wrong, you can even fix it yourself.

    If you find yourself in a situation like this, here are some things you can attempt to do to stop your garage door from making all this unwanted noise.


    For any job, proper preparation is always needed to make sure that the job gets done without any unwanted problems happening.

    Preparing yourself can even help you deal with the problem itself.

    There are a lot of things you can do for your garage door when it makes unnecessary noise but you will need the proper tools for the job.

    Make sure that all the tools you need are readily available to you during the repair.

    Also, try identifying what could possibly be causing the noise. This will help you focus on what you need to.

    Random tinkering on your garage door will only waste your time.

    Common Problems and what to do

    Depending on what could be causing your door to make noise, there is an equivalent and appropriate approach for it.

    With that being said, here are some sample causes as to why your garage door is making noise and the things you can do when you encounter these problems.

    1. Loose Screws, Nuts and Bolts

    If your garage door is noisy, it is entirely possible that it is because of loose hardware.

    Maybe some screws and/or bolts and nuts that were undone due to the vibration and the frequent movements it was being subjected to.

    When this happens, the fix is quite simple.

    What you can do first before anything else, is to check that all components of your garage doors are being held together by screws, bolts, and nuts.

    Try to see if there are any of those that are loose.

    If a loose one is found, make sure to tighten it or better yet replace it.

    Replacing it with a new component prevents it from loosening again for a while.

    Also, please remember not just to remove any screw, bolts, or nuts right away especially those holding together the springs, brackets, etc.

    Carelessly removing these straws can lead to accidents as these areas are supporting your garage door.

    And since you removed them, there is a slight chance that the remaining components might not be able to hold the door together resulting in accidents.

    2. Friction caused by components in contact with each other

    As a garage door is a moving mechanism, it is entirely normal that some parts are in constant contact with each other.

    These parts which are in contact with each other might cause friction with each other.

    When this happens, your garage door might produce loud screeching sounds and have some of its parts damaged.

    Normally, there is proper clearance between components, however, when the clearance is not enough, this is what happens.

    If you encounter this, the best way to deal with this is to apply lubrication to it.

    Applying lubrication on these parts will not only remove the screeching sound but as well as improve the performance of your garage doors.

    If you are not sure where to apply lubrication, then you may start on the following parts:

    Also, doing this consistently can make it harder for your garage door to make such a loud screeching noise.

    3. Spring Problem

    It is also entirely possible that your damaged spring is causing your garage door to make noises.

    If this is the case, then try to check the condition of your spring.

    Examine your garage door’s spring? Is it showing physical signs of wearing out? How is its present condition?

    After answering these questions and identifying the problem, call for your local repairman to attend to your garage door.

    Do not attempt to fix the door by yourself.

    Doing so can be dangerous as if not done properly it can cause accidents to happen.


    Overhead doors can be troublesome especially when they make more noise than they should.

    If it is making a lot of noise, make sure to have it checked or examine the door yourself.

    The guide above can help you with the minor problems that might be causing you noisy garage door problems; however, this does not cover everything.

    Some things must be left and done by trained professionals.

    If the above solutions do not solve your concerns, then we recommend you hire a professional technician for the job.

    If you are looking for a company that can provide emergency repair services, you can try out GDR Los Angeles Garage Doors.

    Having been in the industry for 12 years now, it can be expected that our mastery of the craft is no joke.

    We can certainly address you and your garage door issues and concerns.

    We offer 24-hour repair services and guarantees that they can fix the job on the same day leaving their clients — residential and commercial — satisfied with their work.

    Contact them now and see for yourself what they can offer!

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