Police Arrest Men Accused in $3 Million Burglary of 50 Cent

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    Following a five-month investigation, three men have been arrested for burglary at 50 Cent’s apartment that nabbed $3 million worth of cash and valuables.

    According to a report from local New Jersey media outlet The Daily Voice, published on Friday (June 4), Travis Villalobos, 31, Richard Murphy, 31, and Matthew Gale, 40, have been charged with grand theft, burglary, conspiracy to commit burglary, receiving stolen property and criminal mischief for their alleged involvement in the January 2021 crime.

    50 Cent was in Miami on Jan. 16, which he documented on Instagram in a photo of himself, Fat Joe and Uncle Murda. The G-Unit leader reported the break-in the following day on Jan. 17. It is unclear if the burglary occurred the day prior or on the day the rapper reported the crime.

    The Cliffside Park, N.J. apartment was reportedly being used as office space by 50 Cent. There was an “estimated loss of approximately $3 million in U.S. currency and jewelry,” Bergen County Prosecutor Mark Musella said Friday. Authorities report the burglars accessed the home through a garage door window and made off with valuables taken from an unlocked safe.

    Police were able to ID the alleged perpetrators after putting together clues involving a stolen car used the the getaway vehicle. Following the break-in, police located a stolen vehicle that matched the car seen in area surveillance footage.

    Gale was apprehended in Bergen County, N.J. following a SWAT Team raid on his home on May 19….

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