Frustrated Paul Hogan Leaves Angry ‘My House Not Yours’ Warning to Homeless Outside His Home

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    Living in an area that sees an increase in homelessness and crime, the ‘Crocodile Dundee’ star pins the hand-written note on a pole outside his $3.5 million mansion’s garage door.

    AceShowbiz –
    Paul Hogan makes it clear that he doesn’t like the way the homeless camped outside his home. Getting increasingly frustrated with the situation, the “Crocodile Dundee” star gave them an angry warning by leaving a stern “my house not yours” note outside his $3.5 million mansion.

    On Sunday, May 16, the 81-year-old was captured tapping a hand-written note on a pole next to his Los Angeles home’s garage door. In the photos obtained by Daily Mail, he wrote a message that read, “THIS IS MY HOUSE NOT YOURS” with a red marker on a paper. He underlined the words “MY HOUSE” to further stress on his warning.

    The images displayed Paul dressing casually. He wore a pair of blue jeans, a forest green sweater, and a pair of New Balance sneakers. He also wore a face mask. Later that day, Daily Mail reported that he left his home, which common locals have dubbed a “fortress,” to pick up his 22-year-old son Chance, who lives with him.

    Paul lives in Venice, where a sudden increase in homelessness has led to a frightening crime wave. His neighbor Tyler Proctor opened up to Woman’s Day magazine to explain the situation surrounding the actor’s mansion. He said, “Where Paul lives in hell on earth.” He added, “His house is like a fortress and it needs to be. I…

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