How to Replace Garage Door Cable

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    How to Replace Garage Door Cable

    When your garage door cables snap or get worn, it can cause problems with the door and make the space dangerous.

    A broken garage door cable will cause your door to get trapped.

    And in some situations leaving your house and property vulnerable and stopping you from entering.

    Your garage door cables are an essential component of your garage door system.

    They are usually attached to the bottom portion of the garage door to the drums that are situated just above the door.

    When a cable breaks or splits, the door can become unusable and must be avoided.

    Continuing to use the door with a damaged cable will result in more damage to the garage door mechanism.

    To prevent more injury, we recommend not to operate the door till the cables are correctly repaired to the door by a qualified professional.

    When a spring snaps, friction is released in the cables, which can cause them to fall off the drum.

    We highly advise our consumers don’t try to replace a faulty garage door cable.

    Not unless they have the necessary experience and experience or with the assistance of a professional.

    If you have a faulty garage door cable, contact GDR Los Angeles u right away.

    Replacing your Garage Door Cable

    Follow this guide on how to replace garage door cable:

    • Pull-on the emergency release handle to unplug and deactivate the garage door opener.
    • Depending on the opener, this can be a red cord with a handle situated into the opener or close to the top rail.

    This helps you to manually open and shut the door.

    • To keep the door open when changing the cables.

    Open it and place a vice grip underneath the lower garage door roller from both sides.

    • Loosen the screws on the springs in the middle of your door.

    To avoid damage, completely mount the revolving bars using both bars at the same time.

    And make sure you don’t get in the direction of the bars.

    • Continue unwinding the garage door springs until it is freely available of friction.

    If your garage door has two springs, repeat the process on the other side.

    Once you’ve released the tension on both springs, loosen the mounted screw from the cable drum top left of the door.

    Disable the lower screw from the jamb bracket using a knob and socket of the required size at the bottom of the door.

    Drop the bottom bracket, followed by the wire.

    • Replace the bottom bracket with a new cable and loop it up to the cable drum top of the door. Make sure you do this on both sides of the door.
    • A cable can be inserted into the cable drum’s slot. Be sure the cable’s properties are fixed and not overlapping.
    • Pull cable to the cable drum, then slide over into the bearing plate and turn counter clockwise until the cable is secure.

    Replace the fixed screws and tighten them and please avoid over-tightening.

    While retaining the cable, use vice grip pliers to secure the steel rod that runs the length of the door opposing the wall.

    Proceed to the other side of the door and repeat the steps.

    Once you’ve finished these steps, you should use your winding bars to raise the tension on the springs.

    Make sure to increase tension by exactly 14 turns at a time to avoid over-winding the springs.

    Take a look at this simple video guide on how to replace garage door cable.

    Prevent Garage Door Cable From Breaking

    Preventative maintenance can help to minimize the chances of a garage door cable breaking.

    You can avoid a scenario like this by doing the following:

    • Examining cables for frays, bends, and dirt or grime build-up.
    • Lubricate and oil the garage door cables and springs regularly.
    • Getting rid of any clutter that might be preventing a cable from functioning properly.

    It also aids in the replacement of older garage door components.

    An automatic garage door opener can operate more smoothly as a result, putting less pressure on the cables.

    This has many long-term advantages for your garage door’s service, performance, and durability.


    When your garage door cable fails, the easiest and most reasonable thing to do is contact a professional garage door service provider.

    At GDR Los Angeles we will do garage door cable repair whenever you need it since our staff is ready 24/7 to deal with emergency garage door problems.

    Replacement of garage door cables will fix the dilemma, secure other parts, and ensure that your garage door system runs smoothly for a long time.

    Please contact GDR Los Angeles garage door service if you have any questions or complaints about your garage door.

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