How To Fix A Garage Door Off Track

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    How To Fix A Garage Door Off Track

    There are many common issues you can encounter or experience if you have a garage door.

    One of the regular situations you’ll get is a garage door that is off tracks.

    If this happens to you, it doesn’t only cause inconvenience.

    A garage door that is off tracks can become fatal to your garage.

    You must know how to fix a garage door off track.

    Symptoms of a garage door that’s off track don’t only come from the track itself.

    There may be other causes to why the garage doors are off the tracks.

    It’s crucial to check and inspect all parts of the garage door.

    Missing a part can mean that you’ll have a garage door that will always take off tracks.

    Not to mention, other parts get damaged over time too.

    To get your inspection started, there are steps you can follow on how to fix a garage door off track.

    Prepare yourself an hour or two to work in your garage.

    Steps in fixing an off track garage door

    Before you start, you need to prepare a few aspects.

    Wear the proper protective equipment.

    You need to be safe by wearing the necessary overalls, gloves, and goggles.

    Clear the garage of any object, item, or vehicle.

    Bring your car outside as you work on the garage door tracks.

    This will lessen any accidents that can destroy your vehicle.

    Step 1: Get your tools from the toolbox

    You need the necessary tools to pry and inspect the tracks.

    Bring out pliers, screwdriver, wrench, grips, locking pliers, and other necessary tools.

    You will use these things to loosen, tighten and take out hardware or garage door parts in place.

    Step 2: Disconnect the garage door from the opener

    Turn off your garage door opener.

    This device is responsible for automating the close or open function of the garage door.

    Disconnect the door from the opener so you can manually pull up the garage door and set it above horizontally.

    Step 3: Manually pull up the garage door

    In this step, you need to be careful.

    The garage door is a heavy slab and you need to position it up enough so it doesn’t roll down accidentally.

    It’s best if you have somebody who can help you position the door.

    Put a sawhorse on the area beneath the door or wood blocks.

    To make sure it doesn’t move on top of the sawhorse, put locking pliers in place.

    Find the part where it’s off track.

    Bring back the rollers within the tracks.

    Use a mallet or hammer to wedge it back in place in the area where the door is off track.

    Step 4: Check the tracks and rollers of the garage door

    Check for the rollers of the garage door.

    Manually lift and lower the garage door slightly to test how it runs on tracks.

    If there are still some issues with some areas where the garage door is off track, do the same steps in Step 3.

    Step 5: Fix the alignment of the garage door to the track

    Inspect the tracks for their alignment.

    If the garage door track is off alignment, put it back in position.

    You will know if there are alignment issues if the door is not level or there are noises whenever you try to use the door.

    Step 6: Reattach the door to the opener

    If you are done doing everything, reattach the garage door to the opener.

    Do one last check and turn on the opener.

    Remove all the sawhorse, pliers, and blocks that help support the garage door.

    Try to move the garage door and see if it functions smoothly.

    There are other minor steps you can add on top of how to fix a garage door that is off track.

    Do other preliminary inspections within the tracks and the hardware to ensure complete security.

    Examine the garage door sensor and its placement near the tracks.

    If the garage door track is dirty, wipe off the dirt when the garage door is open.

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    If you don’t have the time to check your garage door, much less, fix it, help is always available around Los Angeles.

    You don’t need to be alone in dealing with an off track garage door.

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    We know how to fix a garage door that went off track.

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