How To Clean Garage Door Sensors

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    How To Clean Garage Door Sensors

    Do you have trouble closing the garage door?

    When having difficulty accessing your garage doors, the first thing you can do is check the sensors.

    These sensors at the bottom of the door opening are pointed in the same direction.

    If that’s the issue, your garage door sensors will need to be cleaned.

    Therefore, we must check on its reliability and cleanliness regularly.

    This is to keep our garage areas tidy and functional.

    Since garage door sensors are susceptible to dust and dirt that can begin to malfunction as they get clogged.

    The great thing is that cleaning garage door sensors are simple and can be performed with things available in your house.

    However, if you’re not sure how to clean garage door sensors or need someone to repair the issues of your garage door?

    No worries GDR Los Angeles is here to help you.

    The garage door sensors also require being clean and realigning periodically.

    If there are serious issues with your garage door sensors call the experts from GDR Los Angeles to fix your garage door needs.

    Tips for Cleaning Garage Door Sensors

    There are things you should do to keep your garage door sensors running properly.

    Since the sensors are fairly reliable, minor cleaning and modifications are usually all that is needed.

    All automated garage doors have safety eye circuits that are impossible to break but easily misaligned.

    If such a sensor detects something else in the path of the electronic door while it descends.

    It stops the motion and signals the entrance to withdraw back to its fully open position.

    Optical Sensor Cleaning

    The sensors which are above the surface have a transmitter and a receiver hand.

    The suspension is triggered when the signal between the 2 components is disrupted.

    Garage doors and floors get dusty.

    Most of the time, the issue is as plain as dust, dirt, or cobwebs surrounding the optical sensors.

    When cleaning the optical sensor on your garage door, always remember to avoid getting damage from the sensor.

    The simplest method to clean your optical sensors would be a soft microfiber, a similar cloth for cleaning other glasses.

    Clean it without using any solution products with a soft microfiber cloth.

    You only dampen your soft cloth with water when it is already clogged with dust and dirt.

    And do not use rough towels or chemicals to clean the sensor. We can quickly scratch the sensors because they are fragile.

    If the lenses of your garage door have already been marked or scratched.

    It’s best to contact GDR Los Angeles to repair or replace your damaged garage door sensor.

    The Sensors are Located Next to The Ground

    Many objects will sneak in through our garage doors while we aren’t looking, and we might not know it.

    There may also be minor obstructions in the way of our garage doors that are difficult to detect.

    The garage door sensors are located next to the ground, allowing the sensors to detect something that could be blocking the door to close.

    Make sure to maintain the cleanliness of your garage door area.

    Sensors are Not Positioned Correctly

    If you already searched for obstructions and done cleaning them, take a look at your sensors to make sure they are all properly aligned.

    All garage door motion sensors use a transmitter to send an infrared signal from both sensors without being interrupted by any obstacles.

    In addition to items such as leaves, dust, or any valuable things getting in the way, sometimes the sensors are not positioned correctly.

    If it is not properly protected, it may be knocked out of alignment by a foot or a stray ball.

    And the result in the beam will not reach the receiver’s sensor.

    If this is the case, the laser level might be necessary.

    Any sensors have a configuration function that allows you to see where the sensors are aligned by turning on a visual display.

    The motion sensors can be included in your manual.


    Sensors are required for the garage door to close correctly and without damaging the vehicle.

    If the garage door isn’t locking, look and see if there’s anything in the way.

    Any object can obstruct the signal’s path from one sensor to the next.

    Check for dust on the camera lenses as well.

    Cleaning the dust from the sensors will restore their functionality.

    Ensure that the sensor’s power supply is not affected.

    After which, just plug in the wire, and the door would lock.

    Finally, look over the cables. If any wires are missing, have them replaced by a professional.

    Contact GDR Los Angeles today! We provide professionally trained technicians who can assist you 24/7.

    We’ll take a swift inspection, diagnose the issues and repair it right away.

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