How To Adjust A Garage Door Gap

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    How To Adjust A Garage Door Gap

    It’s common to experience certain issues and circumstances with the garage door in your home.

    It’s the reason regular maintenance and routine inspection is necessary to keep it in shape.

    Not only are you taking care of the garage door, you need to prevent problems from happening.

    Many problems just happen out of nowhere.

    What happens if there are intricacies with the garage door?

    For example, what if the garage door suddenly has a gap in the frame?

    It doesn’t reach the bottom part or close like it normally does.

    It seems like the garage door doesn’t want to function properly.

    You should take this problem seriously as two fingers are enough for trespassers to pry your garage door open.

    This problem can cause a serious threat to your safety.

    You need someone who knows how to adjust a garage door gap as soon as possible.

    You don’t need to panic and scrap your entire door immediately.

    You only need to perform certain adjustments to the door.

    Consider it as a garage door repair.

    Inspect the garage door track and examine your entire garage to find the cause of the problem.

    If you need more help, you can call us to inspect the gap and advise you on what to do.

    We know how to adjust a garage door gap to restore your garage’s safety.

    Causes of gaps in the garage door

    The first thing to do is free your garage area first.

    Clear the space that is particularly below the garage door when it is lifted.

    Take away any obstructions in the way. Then, start your initial inspection.

    Natural causes

    Sometimes, the garage door and its respective system aren’t the problems.

    The area itself may shift over time because of geographic factors.

    Lands can move and soil may shift around, causing the previously closed door to leave a gap from the bottom.

    Solution: This usually happens when the garage floor sags over time.

    As there is nothing you can do to the garage door with this problem, leave the garage door alone.

    It’s the concrete and land of your garage floor you should adjust.

    Add more concrete to elevate the area of your garage door.

    Garage door track

    Anything can get stuck to the garage door track.

    If you don’t check the track from time to time, it can house a lot of debris and become home to insects and pests.

    Sometimes, tiny objects like loose garage door hardware can get in the way of the track. It is also possible that the tracks move in place.

    When this happens, the garage door stops moving along the path every time.

    Solution: Clear the garage door track from any foreign object.

    To adjust the tracks, unmount the tracks by turning the bolts a little bit loose.

    Then drag the tracks downward until it’s perfectly vertical on the floor.

    Adjust the alignment of the tracks along with the frame.

    When you’re done, tighten the bolts again and try closing down the garage door.

    Deteriorating weatherstripping

    The weatherstripping of the garage door is a seal on the sides and the corners of the garage door.

    Their function is to protect the garage door from harsh weather conditions.

    As the garage door is exposed to external factors every day, it’s only natural that it will deteriorate over time.

    The strips will shrink over time with constant exposure to hot climates and become less flexible in colder climates.

    Solution: When this happens, replace the weatherstripping around the garage door.

    Invest in durable weatherstripping so that you don’t need to replace it every time.

    If you need help to replace the strip for the whole garage door, we are here to help you.

    Fix the gaps between your garage door, as soon as possible!

    Many causes can worsen the gap in your garage door.

    If you don’t have the time to fix the gap, we are available to offer our services in the Los Angeles area.

    We are GDR Los Angeles and we know how to adjust a garage door gap in your garage.

    Say goodbye to risks to your residential safety as we offer you this garage door repair service.

    We also offer garage door installation services if you decide that it’s time to upgrade your old garage door after seeing the gap.

    We give you our expert service and our technicians have wide experience in handling this issue.

    Book your next job with us.

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