How To Adjust A Garage Door Gap

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    How To Adjust A Garage Door Gap

    When your garage door doesn’t close evenly, or there’s a visible gap between the door and the ground, it can be more than just a visual eyesore. It also allows pests, dirt, and weather elements into your garage, putting your belongings at risk. Adjusting the garage door gap is essential for the protection and overall functionality of your garage door. In this blog, we will discuss the steps to adjust a garage door gap effectively.

    How To Adjust A Garage Door Gap

    StepProcedureTools Needed
    1Check the garage door tracksLevel, flashlight
    2Adjust the limit switchScrewdriver
    3Inspect the rollersNone
    4Examine the garage door sealNone
    5Replace or adjust the door seal if necessaryNew door seal, nails/screws
    6Check for door balanceNone
    7Adjust the torsion springs if neededWinding bars, wrench

    Step-By-Step Guide to Adjust A Garage Door Gap

    1. Check the Garage Door Tracks:
      • Using a level, ensure the tracks are straight.
      • If misaligned, loosen the screws holding the tracks, adjust them, and tighten the screws back.
    2. Adjust the Limit Switch:
    3. Inspect the Rollers:
      • Ensure they move smoothly.
      • If damaged, consider replacing them.
    4. Examine the Garage Door Seal:
      • Check for any damage or wear on the seal at the bottom.
    5. Replace or Adjust the Door Seal if Necessary:
      • Buy a new door seal if the existing one is damaged.
      • Attach it to the door’s bottom using nails or screws.
    6. Check for Door Balance:
      • Disconnect the door from the opener and manually lift it halfway.
      • If it doesn’t stay put, it means the door is off balance.
    7. Adjust the Torsion Springs if Needed:
      • This step can be complicated. If you’re not comfortable, seek professional help.
      • If adjusting, ensure you have the right tools and follow safety precautions.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How often should I inspect my garage door?

    Regular inspection every six months is recommended. However, if you notice any unusual noise or operation, check it immediately.

    Why is my garage door not closing all the way?

    There could be several reasons. The most common are misaligned tracks, faulty sensors, or an issue with the limit switch. Refer to our guide on this topic for a comprehensive look.

    Can I adjust the torsion springs myself?

    While it’s possible, it’s risky if you’re inexperienced. Serious injuries can occur. We recommend seeking professional help.

    How can I prevent garage door gaps in the future?

    Regular maintenance, including checking the balance, lubricating moving parts, and inspecting the door seal, can prevent future gaps.


    Adjusting your garage door gap ensures the security and functionality of your garage. Following the steps above will help you maintain a well-sealed garage. If you need assistance or think it’s time for a professional inspection, don’t hesitate. Contact GDR Los Angeles for all your garage door needs. We provide 24-hour repair services and are committed to ensuring your garage door operates smoothly and efficiently.

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