Garage Door Spring Repair Santa Ana

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    Garage Door Spring Repair Santa Ana

    Most families who own a garage door have very little knowledge of how the systems work.

    In most cases, they only know how to operate the remote and have no idea how the parts should be maintained.

    Among the different garage door parts, the torsion spring is one of the most complicated and dangerous to repair.

    If cracks or splits appear on its surface, it is already broken and will need to be replaced.

    If your garage door starts to experience any issues, call us for garage door repair in Los Angeles!

    Our company, Gdr Tech Los Angeles Garage Doors, offers services such as commercial garage door repair and garage door spring replacement.

    However, should you want to learn the basics when it comes to your door’s spring repairs, here are some things you should know:

    The Garage Door Torsion Spring

    There are two variants of garage door springs.

    Torsion springs are usually located above the garage’s horizontal tracks and are perpendicular to the garage door itself.

    On the other hand, extension springs are typically centered above the garage door and are parallel to the garage door opening.

    Although torsion springs are much more common, both variants lift the garage door.

    These springs also make sure that the garage door maintains a smooth opening and closing movement.

    In essence, the springs act as the garage door system’s counterbalance.

    Therefore, if the springs are damaged, you must quickly look for a garage door spring repair Santa Ana.

    General Precautionary Measures for Garage Door Repairs

    Repairing garage doors, especially without prior knowledge or expertise, can be very dangerous if not handled correctly.

    In particular, torsion springs have extreme tensions in them and can exert high amounts of torque.

    Exercise caution when dealing with garage door springs; use a sturdy ladder, establish a proper footing, and brace yourself with the force that the springs will exert.

    It is also recommended to wear protective gear such as gloves and safety goggles to avoid injury.

    List of Tools Required to Repair Garage Door Springs

    Before you attempt to repair or replace your garage door springs, here are the tools you will most likely need:

    • Step ladder
    • Winding bars
    • Locking pliers
    • Wire gauge tool
    • A cordless drill
    • A file
    • Tape measure
    • Open-ended wrench set

    Keeping your tools organized in a way that everything is within your reach will expedite the repair process.

    Replacing the Garage Door Springs

    Once you’ve prepared your tools and purchased the right kind of springs, it’s time for you to repair your door! Generally, there are only two steps to this process as written below:

    Remove and Replace the Springs

    Insert a winding bar to the winding cone of the remaining spring, which still has tension, and use a wrench to remove the screws.

    When unloading the tension, wait for the winding bar to point into the floor and press against the wall.

    Attach the second winding bar into the cone and push up to remove the first winding bar.

    After this, unload the second winding bar so that it points to the floor.

    Use the winding bars to unfurl tensions, one-quarter at a time.

    After both springs have completely been unwound, remove the center bolts that hold the springs in place.

    Release the cable drums and cables, and slide each of them towards the center of the torsion shaft.

    You will then need to file down the old screw marks on the torsion shaft.

    Pull the shaft out of the end bracket, remove the cable drum, then subsequently remove the spring.

    Slide in the newly purchased springs into the shaft, ensuring that the winding cone is on the left side.

    Repeat all steps at the other side of the garage door.

    Tighten and Secure The Parts

    After you have replaced every necessary part in the previous process, make sure to check every bolt, screw, and cable are secure tightly in place.

    Then, conduct a test run to see if your door is working.

    If everything seems to be working fine, congratulations!

    You have successfully repaired your garage door.

    If not, maybe it’s time for you to finally call a professional at garage door spring repair Santa Ana to help you out.

    Seek Assistance from A Garage Door Company

    Doing a DIY may be too complicated for some people.

    This is why we strongly suggest that customers who require a garage door spring repair in Santa Ana contact our company.

    Our company, Gdr Tech Los Angeles Garage Doors, caters to those who seek a garage door spring repair Santa Ana.

    For quality repairs, book an appointment with us!

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