Garage Door Spring Installation

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    Garage Door Spring Installation

    Most individuals do not know how important the spring is for the overhead door to function properly and thus, in the process, ends up taking it for granted.

    But before anything else, what exactly does the garage door’s spring do?

    The garage door’s spring serves a major role in the lifting and closing of the door.

    They support the door’s weight and at the same time lift them up with the help of the opener.

    When the spring becomes no good, it opens up a lot of possible problems for your garage door.

    When attempting to repair or fix a spring, it is better to leave it entirely to a professional as carelessly trying to do so can be quite dangerous.

    Installing the spring might look easy, but in reality, it really isn’t.

    This being said, let us learn further what the spring really is and how is it installed.

    What are garage door springs?

    Springs are components that are selected carefully to match the dimensions and size of the door it is being used for.

    This means that a spring needs to be able to support the door’s size and weight.

    You cannot just install any spring you want to pick-up in the market.

    A properly installed spring can help you save a lot of money as it allows the spring to last longer without having to replace it anytime soon.

    There are a lot of things you need to know about springs before you can start dealing with them.

    Here are some of the things you need to consider:

    Finding the correct garage door spring for your needs

    There are a lot of springs available in the market which you can choose from.

    But you must consider the specifications or capabilities of the spring you wish to use for your door.

    If you are merely replacing, check the specs of the previous springs or bring it with you so you can present it to someone with more knowledge than you do.

    Making sure that both the garage door and your springs are compatible with each other is not easy, but you will eventually get the knack for this.

    There are two types of springs which are being used by most overhead garage doors nowadays – which are Torsion Springs and Extension Springs.

    You can easily differentiate both springs apart.

    Torsion springs can be found on the top side of your garage door while Extension springs can be seen at the side of your doors just lying above the tracks.

    It is important to identify which spring is it as there are slight differences with their installation process.

    You can research further online if you want to know how it looks and how different both springs are from each other or you can ask a hired technician about this.

    How to install garage door springs?

    Depending on what type of spring you wish to install, the process can vary significantly.

    But before diving deeper into the installation process, make sure you have prepared some of the commonly used tools when used during installation. Some of which are the following:

    • Wrenches
    • Clamps and Pliers
    • Winding Bars
    • Socket Set
    • Safety Glasses

    It is possible that more tools will be needed but this, however, these are the most common you need to have or prepare.

    If you are trying to install a Torsion Spring for your Garage Door, then this is how the installation process is done:

    1. Prepare the door frame.
    2. Hold the door in position with the use of clamps and locking pliers. This is done for the safety of the one performing the fix.
    3. Make sure the springs are assembled properly
    4. The support plates must then be attached to the garage door’s frame firmly.
    5. Assemble the springs into the support plates attached to the garage door’s frame.
    6. Proceed with the rest of the installation process.
    7. If needed, adjust the spring with the help of the winding bars.
    8. Test if your door is functioning perfectly well after the installation process.

    If extension springs are the ones that need to be replaced, then see below for the whole installation process:

    1. Hold your garage door in a completely open position and keep it in place with the help of your clamps and locking pliers. This is to prevent unforeseen events from happening such as the door accidentally falling on you.
    2. After keeping the door in the open position, attach the extension springs. Make sure that the spring is only stretched for about an inch or so to be on the safe side.
    3. After mounting the spring on the support plate, make sure to remove the previously attached clamps and pliers holding your door in place.
    4. Check the functionality of your garage door after the installation process, If it is functioning fine, then you did a great job installing your extension springs.


    After knowing all about garage door springs and how it is installed, make sure you are well prepared and equipped before attempting to perform the process.

    Not doing so will only put your safety at risk.

    For more detailed procedures, you may search for DIY video tutorials online to guide you on your way.

    After having said all this, it is still better to leave and entrust the repair and installation of your garage door spring to someone who is more equipped and qualified to do the job than you are.

    For your garage door related installation requests, you may try to reach out to GDR Los Angeles Garage Doors.

    GDR Los Angeles is a reliable company that has been in the garage door business for 12 years now and still counting. With this kind of experience, I’m sure they are more than qualified to do the job for you.

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    The company is located in Los Angeles and serves both residential and commercial clients alike.

    They will be more than happy to address your garage door needs.

    Having a hard time installing your garage door spring? Contact us now!

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