Emergency Garage Door Repair

    When it comes to a garage door repair in Los Angeles, better call an expert.

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    Emergency Garage Door Repair

    Garage overhead doors are very common nowadays.

    There is almost not a single home out here that does not have a garage.

    However, like everything else, garage doors do wear out over time and use.

    This can be very inconvenient because it opens our homes and properties to vulnerabilities like theft.

    When garage doors break down, they need to be fixed as soon as possible.

    Sometimes, you can fix these problems yourself, and sometimes you can’t.

    When the time comes that you can no longer fix by yourself the issue of your garage door, you will need someone reliable and someone you can trust to do the job for you.

    If you live in Los Angeles and are looking for quality services, then GDR Los Angeles is the best option for you.

    Get to know GDR Los Angeles Garage Doors

    GDR Los Angeles Garage Doors is a company that has been around 12 years now and is committed to providing quality services for both its residential and commercial clients.

    Having lasted this long in the industry speaks for itself as to what kind of company GDR Los Angeles is.

    They cater to garage door related requests such as set-up, installation, tune-ups, and repairs.

    They also offer same day repair services which are available 24/7.

    If you are looking for someone who can work fast and at the same time provide quality service which can satisfy your needs, then look no further.

    GDR Los Angeles Garage Doors has that covered for you.

    What are the various services that they offer?

    As mentioned previously, this company accepts any requests related to garage doors.

    May it be set-up, installation, repair, and maintenance; they will always be there for you.

    Although they have a wide range of services you can choose from, they specialize in emergency repair services, specifically garage door repair services.

    When we say emergency repair services, it means that the company focuses on attending to the repair needs of their client, especially urgent ones.

    To further give you an idea of what exactly they do during these repair sessions, here are some repair services that they provide to their customers:

    Spring Repair. The spring is one of the most important parts of a garage door and when it breaks down, it can bring a lot of trouble.

    The spring breaks down because it carries a lot of the door’s weight during operation, thus exposing it to a lot of stress.

    When it comes to the point that it takes more than it can already handle, it breaks or damages itself.

    Making sure that this component is in great condition can have a very big effect on the performance of your garage door.

    Garage Door Opener Repair. The company also offers troubleshooting and repair services for the opener installed.

    Openers are important because they lift the door up and down, and make things much more convenient for the average joe.

    When this break downs, it would mean that you will have to open your garage doors manually and this can be very tiring due to the big size and weight of the door.

    At times, the opener can be the reason why your garage door is not operating as expected.

    When this happens, it is recommended to seek professional help.

    Cable Repair. Another component or part that frequently breaks down is the Cable.

    Just like the spring, this part also supports a large amount of the garage door’s weight.

    When your spring breaks, there is a very big chance that your cable may also give up due to the weight.

    Cable repair, like all of the other services mentioned above, is one of the services the company offers.

    Although this can be done with the help of DIY tutorials online, it can be extremely dangerous and risky if done improperly.

    Off-track Repairs. This is another service that our company offers.

    Off-track garage doors are common issues for garage owners as they can be caused by a lot of things.

    From hardware defect to improper care, making it a common issue our clients encounter.

    Off-track doors can be relatively easy to fix depending on the problem that caused it to happen.

    It is still best to ask for professional assistance when unable to identify the root of the problem.


    It is true that there are a lot of options you can choose from out there, some may even be more affordable than our rates.

    However, it is absurd to trust the safety of your homes to a total amateur in this industry.

    GDR Los Angeles Garage Doors has been providing quality services for a long time now, mastering and honing our craft along the way.

    You can certainly trust our skills and capabilities.

    Not only that, but we also train our technicians well and provide them with all the knowledge they would need to solve your problem.

    With our years of experience, we know what needs to be done even before you say it.

    Let us try and make life more convenient for you and your family.

    For quality service, you can trust, choose GDR Los Angeles Garage Doors.

    We will surely not disappoint.

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